Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hiyashi's first fon-blogi

"Today I started my day good. One word. Caffeine. I must confess I'm not a coffee addict. Really. Am not. But I love coffee. To be more exact I love the bitter sweet taste of it. And mmm.. the aroma.

Sometimes I make coffee just to smell coffee. Too bad that rarely happens nowadays since my mornings are always hectic. An extra wink of sleep. An extra minute in deciding what to wear for the day. With that I'm grateful enough just to get some bread crumbs into my stomach before I have to go go go.

Too bad I now sleep one floor above the kitchen so the aroma never sips in anymore like it used to. Oh yes. I use to sleep next to the kitchen. In the old oliver twist days that probably sounded like torture. But it was a room with a window overlooking the kitchen and nothing more. So yes. Whenever I was in my little room, I was in my own little world away from the rest.

I don't sleep in the dark. And it's not that I can't. But a little night light is comforting when you close your eyes and get ready to venture into dreamland. With that little light you know it's here to welcome you back as you return after your wonderful trip and back to reality. Metaphorically it lights your ways back. Cheeesy. Right."
- 11 October 2007

I wrote this while I was on the ferry. With my phone. Yup. It's my way of "phone-blogging" or what I now shall term as fon-blogi.

On the ferry is the best time for me to lay my thoughts properly. A lot of times, thoughts like this overwhelms me while I'm on my way to work. I wish I can quickly put them down on paper, or in this modern era, directly into the notebook. And when all these are not with you, there is this trusty little gadget that is there for you. So fon-blogi!

Oh ya, these four sentimental paragraphs would have cost me 8 sms-es if I were to sent them. =)

Note: time of post has been edited for smooth reading and continuity between the two entries.


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