Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm Obligated...

to say





*Am not going for more languages than that.*

to Encik Chi for giving me a lift to the ferry terminal.

I said a byebye and the car door closed. I felt bad so I thought what not, a simple sms to show my gratitude should be a nice gesture. ^^;; Instead I got a "I want you to thank me in your blog" reply.


Well, there you go! One whole post dedicated to you.

Hmm... then again, let's not be selfish shall we?

Therefore, at the same time I would like to thank...

Cik Datang, Cik Anai-anai, Yen-san, Easter-Bunny *that's a very very odd nickname for the person intended but till I find a more appropriate one, Easter-Bunny she shall be, for my notebook's battery is running out* yikes!

and to every kind-hearted soul who have ever given me a ride home or to the jetty.

Hah! That includes the bus drivers the sapu teksi guy...

Ooooo.... and my DAD!



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