Friday, October 19, 2007

Being different attracts

*fidgets at her seat*
Dang! I wonder if I look odd with my new hair. Sms Hanako-chan to get my thoughts away from my hair. Ah. Hanako-chan, my sms-buddy. Even though miles apart, every morning and evening, we entertain each other while we are on our way to work and on our way home. She on the LRT while I'm on the ferry.

And thus I sms-ed away till suddenly...

An unknown voice "Hello?"

*looks up* "Eh?"


Foreigner in a very thick accent: "I want to go to XXX. Is there a bus over the other side?"

Hiyashi: "Yeah. Once you get down, you'll hear them calling out 'XXX'."

Foreigner: "Oh. Okay."

*pause* Inner thoughts: YADA! Don't talk to me. I have weird hair. >_<

Foreigner: "Where you're from? Penang?"

Woot? Shouldn't I be the one asking you that?

Hiyashi: *still busy sms-ing* "Yeah."

Foreigner: "Oh. Working or studying?"

Hiyashi: "Working." *remains very uncooperative in the conversation*

Foreigner: "What's your job?"

Hiyashi: *perks up* "Copywriter."

I love telling people about my job. Half of the time they have no idea what it's about.

Foreigner: "Operator?"

SEE? SEE! -__-;;

Hiyashi: "CO-PY-WRIT-ER."

Foreigner: "Oooo..."

I doubt he really knows.

Foreigner: "What's your name?"

What?! Wait a minute. Fine. I shall take part in this conversation.
*closes her phone* It's my turn now!

Hiyashi: "Jovin. What's yours?"

Foreigner: "Mehtheor.."

Hiyashi: "Eh? Meteor?"

Foreigner: "No, no. Mehtor."

Meteor. Methor... whatever. I doubt I heard it right anyway. His accent was really really thick.

Hiyashi: "Ah. So where you're from Methor?"

Methor: "Jordan."

Hiyashi: "Oh. Working? Traveling?"

Methor: "Studying."


Methor: "I'm taking my PhD at UXX. I came over with my friends to Penang two days ago for the Raya weekend."

Hiyashi: "Then how come you're alone?"

Methor: "They went back yesterday. I don't want to go back yet so I stayed an extra night."

Hiyashi: "Oh. Hey, how did you apply for UXX all the way from Jordan?"

Methor: "Online. I apply online through the website and payment online through VISA."

Hiyashi: "Ah..."

Methor: "Too bad I applied UXX, probably one of the worst university in Malaysia."

Well, that's a bit harsh. That's why I left all the details out in this post. Don't wanna offend anyone.

Methor: "There's nothing there!"


Methor: "It's almost like Puxxxxx. You know Puxxxxx?"

Hiyashi: "Nope."

Methor: "It's a place where they lock up people there."

*blinks* Wooooot?!!

Hiyashi: "You're comparing UXX to that place?!"

Methor: "Ya. Especially during the holidays. Everybody goes back to their hometown and it becomes completely deserted. Nothing at all."

Hiyashi: "Ah."


Methor: "Ni hao ma?"


Hiyashi: "You took classes in uni?"

Methor: "Nope. A coursemate thought me. She's from Perak."

Hiyashi: "Ah."

Well, the conversation was longer than that but let's not go into too much details. This hair serve a purpose now. It's an attraction. LOL. Good? Bad? It works both ways.

Good night! =)


Cubbie said...

HAHAHHAHA!! I cannot stop laughing at the copywriter part!! Ooooo! Now I know! I wanna see more piccies! >.<

hiyashi said...

I ain't no operator! I really wonder if he got it right after that as well.

Remember to ask for piccie tonight then. ;)

pinkiez said...

Wahhhhh now i really wonder wat university is that..until he got such a bad impression...

hiyashi said...

ohoho... dear pinkiez, I can tell you personally through IM. XD