Tuesday, September 18, 2007

职业病 Jik Yek Peng!

aka You Are Your Work!

Situation 1
Hiyashi: It's almost time...
Hanako: Ya... go sleep go sleep.
Hiyashi: Hey, not just me. You also woot...
Hanako: Nope, my time is dynamic.

Yeah right, and mine's constant. *roll eyes*
That's a true programmer.
I see it as "time", she sees it as a "variable".

Situation 2
Cik Datang: *self-indulging in her own singing*
Cik Datang: Scooby... scooby doo.... where are you... hmm hmm...
Hiyashi: *resist the urge*

1 second

2 seconds

3 seconds later...

Hiyashi: *couldn't resist any longer*
Hiyashi: It's Scooby-Dooby-Doo....
Cik Datang: *blinks*
Cik Datang: Song also you want to proofread ah?!?



H@naKo said...

uh? Did I mention tat before?!
Definately I'm not having any "peng"!
Oh by the way..I couldn't find any of this conversation in my cache..so definately it's yours being hijacked~

hiyashi said...

Nope. You mentioned it before. Long long time ago. Loooooooong. I always remember just never get to blog it. XD You're a true programmer, you can't deny that.