Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cubbie Spotted!

Another Happy Belated Birthday Gift to Cubbie!

HAHAHA.... You have been spotted with Mr Bunny.

Taken from the passenger seat in my dad's car. Yup. Lucky the light was red and I managed to grabbed my phone and took it before we went on our way again.

ps: Can I blog my birthday gift to you here? With certain part censored and edited out? Hahaha...


Cubbie said...

HAHAHA!! It is indeeeeeeed Cubbie!! Hahahha~!! What's Mr Bunny anyway? o.O?

ps: Yup sure! :P

hiyashi said...

Ya.. It's CUBBIE!! And I have no idea what's Mr Bunny but so dem funny.


ps: Okies!