Sunday, September 02, 2007

Japanese Film Festival 2007

"Ask and you shall get!"

Hah! One of my dad's wise advices in life. But I've always find it hard to open my mouth to ask something from someone. Paiseh mah. Paiseh! And my dad always scolded me because of that since I was young. It's no wonder my sister tend to get a whole lot more stuff from my parents than I do. Hmmph.

Then again, when I ask, I ask BIG. MUAHAHA... and because I rarely asked for anything, the chances of me getting what I want when I actually asked for it are higher. *winks*

And so I asked!

I asked Yen-san out for the weekend! My only hope in catching a movie for this year's Jap Film Fest. She agreed! Woohoo! And so we had our little 日本の日 aka Japanese Day.

Once again... I sat the ferry even though I don't have to go to work on this special Saturday. -.-;; Yen-san was right there under the bridge waiting for me.

First stop - the cinema! Showtime was 3.30pm. Reached slightly before 2.00pm and all there was left was the first four rows in front. Nuu.... Friendly cashier reminded us we can try our luck for uncollect-reserved tickets which will be opened for sale to the public at 3.00pm. Yen-san looks at Hiyashi-san and Hiyashi-san looks back.

"YOSH! We'll be here at 2.55pm!"

So off we went for lunch. Naturally we must have Japanese food. *nods* A bowl of ramen for me, a bowl of rice for Yen-san, the rice lover. ^^;; A tasty plate of gyoza and of course sips of green tea. Mmmm....

The only regret I have was my irrational self when it comes to foooood. I forgot to take piccies of delicious food. All I got at the end of the day was a blur picture of our receipt. *smiles sheepishly*

All the Yosh-ing earlier was in vain as well since we arrived in front of the cinema at 3.03pm with a long queue in front of us.

Everytime we see someone collect their reserved tickets from the reservation counter we fidgetted. o__O;; It got a bit nerve-wrecking when the queue was not going anywhere because of a random guy in front asking way toooo many questions! And he even left without buying anything! Woooooot? @__@

Our turn! Our turn! And indeed we got good seats I tell ya. Goooood ones! Yen-san even did a victory sign when we left the counter. I bet we were termed as two weird ladies right there and then. But who cares! We got goooood tickets!

See! We even got booklets. You don't get these any other days with any other movies. Hah! We sat there and waited for the movie to start. *blinks blinks* Uwah... we were surrounded by Nihongo and where we are two young ladies chirping away in Mandarin. HAHAHA... I look around for someone I can relate to and spotted an Indian guy! Weee...

Oh ya. Heh. The movie was...


Yup, it's cute they all have the same hairstyle yet at the same time waaaay creepy too. Clicky on the link provided for the show's synopsis. The movie was funny and amusing. For only RM5.00 it's a good watch. I even recognised one of the boys as an actor in a jdorama I've watched. *nods* I have officially passed the mark of watching enough Japanese shows to recognised any randoms actors in any random Japanese shows. Woohoo... a useless self-achievement. HAHAHA...

After the movie, we went a mini shopping spree to get all that we need. Last stop the Green Tea Ice-Cream place. LOLz. When I say 日本の日, I truly meant 日本の日。We left Gurney Plaza slurping delicious bitter-taste Green Tea Ice-Cream. Not exactly everyone's cup of tea.

And once again, when it comes to fooood. All I managed was the remains. >__<

We left the place with a remaining of RM10.00 in my wallet and RM1.00 in Yen's but boy was the afternoon a good one. =) *smiles*

On a side note...

Got an sms from Yen-san this morning that reads...

"I open my wallet, find no money;

And got all freaked out! What? Not my fault you went home with only RM1.00 left!! Then scolded myself for running into conclusions before seeing the whole picture. As the message continues...

"I open my wallet, I find no money;
I open my pocket, I find no coin;
I open my life, and I found you;
then I know how rich I am."

Thank you. Now I know how rich I am too. Yes, approximately RM9.00 more than Yen-san.


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