Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nodding moo!

What suppose to be the next day turn out to be almost two weeks later. -.-;;

My first attempt with youtube upload. I hope it works.

My nodding moo!

Moo agrees to everything I say. Hehehe... add in a little zoom out to my entire compact desktop just to show my KAT-TUN wallie. LOL

Can't type anymore. Am having a hard time with my broken pair of glasses. I really dunno my own strength sometimes. Imagine breaking my glasses into half, exactly half with my bare hands. *dot dot dot* Am living on contacts while working but it be bad to wear them for sooo long. Aaaa.... *getting frustrated* gonna stop typing!

Frustrated Hiyashi with bad eyesight


Cubbie said...

YAHHHHAHHA!! So cute!! It nods non stop! About the glasses.. maybe you didnt realise that it was fragile. :P

H@naKo said...

can u plz pass a message to tat moo..tell that hiyashi still owe me a meal~ heee..