Monday, September 11, 2006

50th post! *dances around*


I got a nodding cow that will agree to whatever I say! Weee.... *would like to insert visual of nodding cow here but the batteries died and I couldn't use the camera. Hopefully I have the urge to do it tomorrow*

This turns out an even pointless post than the previous one. ^^;;
What a lousy 50th post.
But who cares, it's maaa birthday. *evil laughter* muahaha...
Gosh, I'm 22 already! Grow up! *sticks tongue out*
*shakes head* I give up... LOL

Hiyashi - spending her last half hour of her birthday in not the right state of mind.. Mind you, I'm sober. Not drunk, just happy and hyper, too bad I have to go to bed already ^^;;


Cubbie said...

Hai Hai --> cow nodding. O.o; why's it a cow anyway? haha..

hiyashi said...

I should charge the batteries to record moo moo. >.< *vows not to update a new post without uploading moo moo first*