Sunday, September 10, 2006

Goodbye 21 *waves*

My last day as a 21 year old .__.
Taken off my "key" necklace.
Replaced with a "J" necklace.
Playing "Goodbye my love" in the background.
Why am I making this such a sad thing? ^^;;

Celebration comes early since tomorrow is a work day.
Have to update tomorrow.
Shall mark the 50th entry of my blog.
This is a pointless entry... hmm
*goes digging all the photos I've been taking that I intend to blog about but never got around to it*

Bought two little stick man last week.
*shrugs at my love for stick man*

poor dude ^^;;

Hiyashi - in need of an intensive advertising course -.-;;


Cubbie said...

HAHA. da stickman looks like voodooman woh!! Happy belated burfday btw!

Anonymous said...

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