Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm allergic to...

I've disappeared for one month! Many things happened but you don't remember them if you don't put them into words aka records. All that I remember is me being sick and am still sick.

I've made a second visit to another different doctor today since my phelgm seems to like its new found home in my throat. -.-

Doctor: "Phelgm like this are not the same as the one with flu and cough, those goes away easily. This sometime are course by allergies and sensitivity."

From my own knowledge and experience, I'm allergic to "an overdose of big prawns and kembong fish". And that is only if I consume too much of those. i.e: I'll get rashes if I take more than 2 kembong at one time but why be greedy and take 3 anyway? So basically, up till now I don't have any serious allergy problems. So I told the doctor about my uncomfortable state during sleep and early mornings, the excessive coughing and massive eyes discharge, you know the "goooiy" stuff.. umm.. cantonese "gan si", etc... and I am sensitive after all..

Sensitive to ... COLD!! HAHAHAHAHA....

Heyo! Maybe I am. My parents sleep with the air-cond on while I sleep with a standing fan in my room with the speed of... 1! O.N.E!! Hahaha.. not to mentioned I bury myself under my red blanket and shivers whenever I wakes up early in the morning. *shrugs* Honestly, I wrapped myself up when I sleep. I remember back then when I lived with my housemates in university, they say I look like a freaking red mummy! -.-;;

But hey, I rarely complains that it's cold. I can stand cold, I am just sensitive to it.. haha.. at least now I know. *shrugs*

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Cubbie said...

HEHEHE. I fed your turtle a few times di. =P Worms! Muahahah! And yup I cannot stand cold tooooooooooooooo.. =P This is da first time I see you typing "HHAHAHA" in a blog. O.o Hiyashi is really sick. ^^;;