Monday, July 10, 2006

Yamapi style blogging is back ^^;;

Yup, this style of blogging is back for the time being.
It's faster this way, no?
Gomen ne Cubbie-san, bear with me for now.
At least I updated right?
It's been a week of work now, still getting used to it.
Fall sick on the second day ^^;; but got well on that same night as well.
Must be the sudden over usage of brain power since I haven't really been 'thinking' during my one month break before that.
Travelling back and forth by myself is tiring especially with public transport.
But Hiyashi chose this way so am gonna fight-o!
Last Friday at work, Precious One was played over the radio.
I felt like a proud mama then and there.
Message Cubbie-san immediately. ^^;;
Today was a rainy day. >.<
For once, I felt relieved wearing a skirt. ^^;;
The water was up till my knee at the bus stop this morning.
If I were to wear pants today, it would have been a goner.
That's it for today.
Off to get my daily dose of 'food' before going to bed.
*sigh* Tomorrow is another day.

Hiyashi - trying her best

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Cubbie said...

HAHA! Apology accepted. Because you've never really updated ur blog ever since. =P