Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Random blogging

Random blogging no.1
Today, I went over to the shop opposite my house to buy myself a top-up card for my phone. Thanks to the current football craze, the card has a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo. *shrugs* I don't really know who is he *hides* but off I went and read out loud what is written on the card to my dad. "Cristiano Ronaldo, club: Manchester United, Height:1.84m, Nationality: Portugal, ...." I went on and on and suddenly I pause "..." 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds later and exclaimed, "What? He's younger than me!" *dies*

Random blogging no.2
I bought a 'Maru necklace' about two weeks ago. Why is it called 'Maru necklace'? First, the necklace is similar although not exactly the same as the one Nakamaru Yuichi wears. Who is he? Go google! =P Second, it is made out of round black pearls and thus 'maru'!

*insert Japanese lesson*
Maru (丸) = circle, circle is also the symbol of correct for japanese. Yup, they circle instead of tick. So imagine when I took my Japanese lessons, my paper was full of what looks like zero... hahaha..

Back to my Maru necklace. I'm alergic to it! *sobs* I can't always have it on because my neck itches after a few hours having it on. Then again, I still need to take it off everytime I bath so it's not that bad. *sigh* Still, I wish my neck will learn to accept it.

Random blogging no.3
This happened yesterday night. TA-DA! My beautiful monitor screen.

Cubbie insist her art still looks pretty in such a condition. dot dot dot!

Random blogging no.4
I went on a mini bus ride adventure today around Penang. LOL. The purpose? To familiarize myself with the route to my workplace. My mom was so worried about it and we even had a screaming competition yesterday because of this but let's not go there. -.-;; So off we went, sitting the ferry and then the bus and walk... and reverse everything back again. Came back an hour ago and here I am now blogging random stuff. ^_^

That's all for today.

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Cubbie said...

HAha! I went on seachin for Christiano Ronaldo's piccies. And he's really good looking. Wahahahha!