Sunday, July 16, 2006

The post without a good title

Photo blogging again.
Lots of pics, lack of text... hahaha
First off, this was taken from a Japanese newspaper I was umm.. going through last week.

Yup! Kurosagi! *points at the blurry image of Yamapi*
Hahaha... I just realized Yamapi makes quite a few appearances in my blog when he is not my most favourite J.E artiste actually. ^^;
There were a few other Jdorama shown, i.e: Attention Please! Nurse Aoi... etc.

Next! More ferry-trip photos.
First up, by the harbour of Penang.
Yup, look back and took a photo. That is a very dark Penang. *didn't make an effort to install Photoshop therefore photo is not edited at all* ohohoho

That tall little thing sticking out is not Komtar. It is the clock tower... haha

These are where rich people place their yatch whatsoever... haha

As we reach to the other side, land ahoy~! Waiting for the 'bridge' (don't know what exactly the this thing is call -.-) to come down, open the gate and let us through.

Thus, a text minimal post this weekend!

waiting for the water to come back


Omni said...

Hello from the United States!! :-)


Cubbie said...

oooo, I kno why its all dark. Coz its 7 am in the morning? O.o? =P Post more photos! I kno ur handphone can store more pics than that!

hiyashi said...

Hello Omni! @_@ someone from US? *waves* Went to your blog and saw your blue tiger, just about to adopt a hamster from bunnyhero. ^^;;

Cubbie.. the pic wasn't taken at 7am, it was taken around 7pm instead. Once again its cos my phone's photo quality is not that good. Furthermore, nope.. no more storage space cos I havent transfer lots of my other old pics out from it. ^^;;

Cubbie said...

HAHAHHA hey kinda close.. just the "am" and "pm" differences. :P Bluekz! You shud.. really.. take out all da other pics di since ur in penang having the cable... -__-""