Tuesday, July 11, 2006

7-11 My favourite numbers for my own reasons

I never thought I'll be saying this after so many years.
It's been about 5 years already and I had almost forgot about it.
Kinda 'Deja vu' to remember today as SenRu Day.
Got an email saying my old site's guestbook was full, so I went browsing through deleting *cough cough* spams inside.
After that I found myself wondering what happened to SenRu no miko and went searching for her existance on the internet.
Was touched to find her still around and doing minor updates to her "one of the oldest Slam Dunk fansite" recently.
An hour later, I realized it was 11th of July and it was actually SenRu Day.
Call it 'deja vu' but I haven't check on SenRu for almost 2 years at least?
Most of you probably have no idea what am I babbling about.
That's okay, I just want to write this down to remember it myself. ^_^
Sms-ed Cubbie on my way back from work today.
"You reply me so late. I'm already on the ferry on my way back home."
Cubbie replied "What? You sit the ferry to work? Kakkoi!!"
LOL. Thank you Cubbie.
Though travelling like this everyday takes away the 'kakkoi-ness' a little.
I do feel like some healthy Japanese travelling like this to work everyday though.
To honour your compliment of being so cool travelling by ferry, I have taken some photos.
Gomen for the low quality of my camera phone.
Still, I took the effort to stand out like an idiot taking photos as if I'm some tourist yet obviously not. They probably think I'm a crazy girl first time riding on a ferry. *pif*

Reaching the Butterworth jetty *points to the white thingy at the right hand side* That's the Jetty. Wanted to record the entire process where the bridge comes down and we walk across but the man standing next to me keep staring at me and my phone. For god sake, I'm not taking pictures of you. -.-;;

The people. I was one of them before I start standing up and act as 'tourist' taking pictures. If you find yourself inside the picture and want me to take down this photo do let me know. *as if many people reads this blog* LOL

That's it for today.
Once again, Happy SenRu Day 2006!



Cubbie said...

Thank you to you too! *worships* KAKKKKKOOIII DESU!!

pInkIe said...

cool..ferrie jovvie awayy to workie

hiyashi said...

dot dot dot.. both of you.
hahaha.. thankies *huggies*