Monday, June 19, 2006

'Conversation' blogging part 2

Only one 'conversation' this time. Once again with Cubbie, not surprising since she's the one I chat with almost the whole time I'm ever online. *bows* Arigatou Cubbie-san for spending your time entertaining me and listen to my on and on babbling. Sometimes, I feel the need to control myself and shut up a little. I do attempt to do so... sometimes. ^^;;

Convi 1: Circle of love
(who would have thought Hiyashi and Cubbie talking bout love. The two person who are most unlikely to do so... hahaha)

Hiyashi: >.< I've been fooled by C's bf
Hiyashi: cis cis cis

Cubbie: ara?
Cubbie: wat happen?
Hiyashi: her bf came over
Hiyashi: use her comp and chat with me
Hiyashi: gosh.. when two person are together too long
Hiyashi: they become each other
Hiyashi: cos the style of talking is the same
Hiyashi: that's why i din realized
Hiyashi: i even scroll back after that and see
Hiyashi: memang no diff
Hiyashi: lol
Cubbie: hahhahahahahaha
Cubbie: dot dot!!
Cubbie: ya dats true u know.
Cubbie: hm hm
Hiyashi: yaloo
Hiyashi: proven tonight
Cubbie: ahahha
Cubbie: soon when they're too similar
Cubbie: they'll get bored of each other
Cubbie: then they'll start to change
Cubbie: then will be interesting again
Hiyashi: interesting theory
Cubbie: hahaha
Cubbie: circle of love haha
Cubbie: might be broken someday

Okay. The last sentence hurts but I guess it has some truth in it. Till then, may all couples don't feel dizzy going round and round the circle of love.


Cubbie said...

HAHA I.. I can only laugh. BWA HA HA HA!

Cubbie said...

Comment +2. Hehehe!

hiyashi said...

dot dot dot. stop spamming my comments. =P

Cubbie said...

At least you've 4 comments now!

hiyashi said...

I chat with you in yahoo. I chat with you in msn. There's no need to chat in here too is there? DOTs.