Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Ka-tak, ka-tak"

I rarely do a double post in one day. I guess today was eventful? ^^;; I officially declare today as Hiyashi being assumed as Crazily Stingy Day! I know that's a lame name but I think the staff at Carrefour and the salesperson around probably do think that way of me. Weee... -.-;;

I went there with my dad this afternoon. He had to go to the post office to pay some bills first. So he gave me twenty cent for the trolly. Yup, instead of one ringgit (since there is no one ringgit coin anymore) it is now twenty cents. Anyway, I went up to the trolly area and attempt to get myself a trolly. I put in the twenty cent into the slot attached to the trolly and pull the chain attaching it to the adjoining trolly but the chain would not come out. I was like 'Hmm... did I not put the coin deep in enough?" and after a few attempts I started to gather stares from the sales people around. Them being not very busy since it is a weekday and not much potential victims were walking around. -__-;; I try to take out the coin which is also impossible and got frustrated.

The problem was I don't have anymore twenty cent coin!! So what did I do? I went to the service counter and of course ask for their "service". The lady at the counter gave a confused stare and talked to the security guy next to the counter. He on the other hand told me he couldn't leave his post and asked me to go asked the other guard standing nearby. -.-;; The other guard however was busy talking to another man. There was two man sitting there in front of tables full of packets of sugar. What the hell, I went up and asked them instead and the man asked me "you want to buy sugar?" -___-;; "No, I want a trolly and your trolly ate my coin and I have none left." What happened next? He went and talked with another lady and a whole bunch of people discussed on that matter. I am now the 'girl who don't have twenty cents to get myself a trolly'. -__-;; It's not like I want to make a big fuss out of twenty cents but I don't have any coins in my wallet. The smallest note I have then was five ringgit. *regretted not getting that change to avoid all the attention* and no.. I'm not rich, I just haven't been out shopping much. Yup, in fact I'm quit poor at the moment. I just finished my studies and am trying my best not to spend anymore money until I officially start working. Blah.

In the end, the "you want to buy sugar" guy came up to me and say they will attend to that trolly later and gave me a twenty cent coin. Wee... off I go and get my trolly and went inside. I didn't even make it very far when my dad tap on my shoulder from behind and stared at my empty trolly. ^^;; Just when you thought it can't get any worst, I got one of the noisiest trolly. "ka-tak, ka-tak" it goes for every turn of the wheel. I'm glad I'm in supemarket and not outside else all the frogs would have come to me. "ka-tak, ka-tak" My dad got really annoyed and asked me why I didn't changed the trolly? -.-;; I just wanted to get away from the trolly area as fast as possible just now and I didn't know it's that noisy until I start pushing it around.

And so, my dad "station" at a place while I go running around looking for the things we were ordered to buy by mom. No pushing = no noise right? LOL. We finally gave up after two items and decide to pay and leave. My dad asked to go get another trolly while he pays. *note: we needed one because we bought rice* So off I went trying be as "quiet" as possible to the trolly area and change for another. As I pushed the 'new' trolly, I went utterly speechless since the trolly did very much the talking again with "ka-tak, ka-tak" and as I came closer to my dad, he asked, "You sure you change another trolly ah?" -____-;;;

Back home.
Mom: What? Two things only ah?


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Cubbie said...

HAHA. Your mom must be curious .. on how u and your dad spend shoppin time together. Buy more stuff next time lol.