Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Late Birthday Post

My younger sister attended BM High during her high school years.

How is that relevant to this post?

Well, there are only a few things I know about her high school. (1) We call it a military school because of its rule-abiding-ways, (2) It's Sekolah Tinggi Bukit Mertajam with Tinggi and Bukit being the keywords as you kinda really need to climb up a hill to get to school every morning, and (3) the school's motto goes something along the lines of "Accomplish or never begin!".

Item (3) being the answer to the Question.

You see, my posts might be fashionably late but at least I make the point
to finish them. *grins*

Can you believe I'm actually making procastinating sound like a good thing?
LOL. Even I can't believe myself.

Anyway, continuing from where I left off here. It's time to give credit to the lady who till this day, has never ever miss a single birthday of mine. The sassy lady I call 'kai-ma'. Wait wait! But this year the package came so much more special with 'kai-pa' and godbrother, each throwing a gift into the happiness bag, with a complimentary card from little sis as well.

Lookie at all the stuff in the package. Lipstick from godbrother, lipstick purse from godma, two seperate birthday cards. Okay you can't see the cards but they're there. :P

And a book on Baba Poetry from godpa, a book which was written by Uncle Johnny. The book came with an attached CD with all the traditional poems and sayings in audio. The entire family had a good laugh listening to it as it was full of quirky and interesting sayings that not only rhymes but have some clever advices in there as well.

Next up! Gifts from my colleagues. A box of Excel Tea?

Most Certainly Not!

The gift was nicely stuffed into the box.

It turned out to be a bag!
The Gifter? Cik Anai, Thank You!!

This one came totally as a surprise. One, I didn't expect to receive a gift from her and two, I didn't expect the gift to be what it is.

"For your trip to London next year!" she said.
Awww... Thank You Mrs Boss of Torch!

OMG! I missed out some photos. Two more gifts!
Shiatz! I guess this is not the last birthday post YET! :P

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