Thursday, June 03, 2010

Goodbye Mr Clean Hands :(

A shout-out to Mr Clean Hands who bids us farewell tomorrow. But since I won't be in the office tomorrow, here's a little tribute post to you, dear sir, for all the silliness and memories you have brought to the company.

For your excessive need to wash your hands and an even more excessive need to wipe them dry with layer and layers of tissues enough to kill a little tree. *sigh*

For your nickpicky need to pick your teeth everytime after a meal.

For your OCD need to fold both sides of your sleeves in total symetry.

For your attentiveness to all these unnecessary meticulous details and yet owns a table with the thickest layer of dust in the office.

This post goes out to you, Mr Clean Hands...

...the *cough* Prince *cough* of our... umm.. tin foil.

On a more serious note, you have made quite an appearance here in Hiyashibeeps. Your first beep screen appearance was as the My-Hands-Must-Be-Clean AE. The name was a mouthful and wasn't well received by the audience. Mua therefore decided to revamp the cast and you were Mr Clean Hands in the sequel. But I must say, you finally shined when you showed the world your moves. *grins*

What the beep screen people didn't know was that I got some precious behind-the-scene footage that no one has seen. And in honour of your great graduation from the academy of communication today, I present you.... the epic video! *snickers and runs*

Not sure if I'm gonna get killed for this but at least
I won't be in the office tomorrow.

Till next time Mr Clean Hands!
All the best and yes, you still owe me Chocos!

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