Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Through Thick and Thin

Just before he left for a meeting, Mr Cool out of nowhere...

"Through thick and thin."


"Thick is good or thin is good?"


*inner thoughts begin*
The thicker the dough the more the money mah, right?
So thick is good.


"Not too sure. I check I check"

Aiyo... so money-face punya answer I paiseh wanna say lah.
Better check to confirm.

*click click*

After a series of googling, I came to... NOTHING! Some said, thin is bad cause thin is always associated to bad stuff, such as walking on thin ice. Thick is solid therefore thick is good. Then there this association towards horse riding. DOT! Thick woods = bad and thin is good. While the straightforward definition reads "including both good times and bad times" taken from thefreedictionary.

Howlah? Mr Cool will sure ask for an answer upon his return. So I did the next best thing for him, which I believe is good blogging material at the same time. Win-Win Situation. For me. For him.

*started looking around for potential "victims"*

Victim No.1:
Team Partner aka the A.D. aka Cik Datang

Vin: You know what "through thick and thin" means right?
Cik Datang: Uhuh.

Vin: Through good times and bad times mah hoh.
Cik Datang: Yaya!

Vin: So thick is good or thin is good?
Cik Datang: Thick is good.

Vin: *Yay* Why?
Cik Datang: Because thick more money mah...

DOT! I forgot we click so well for a reason. Too Alike! =.=''

Vin: *pif* Money-minded!
Cik Datang: Yamah!!
Vin: *sheepishly* Ya... same here! Same answer. Same reason.

And that was followed by lots of laughter. HAHAHAHA....


Victim No.2:
The English Educated DTP aka Ms Serenity

*same intro as above* You get the idea...

Vin: So thick is good or thin is good?
Ms Serenity: Thin is good.

Vin & Cik Datang who is now just as eagered: W-H-Y?
Ms Serenity: Thick is hard. Thick is Kesusahan. Thin is... Kebahagiaan.. hahahaha....

Vin & Cik Datang: =.='''


Victim No.3:
The My-Hands-Must-Be-Clean A.E.

*same intro* This time through the intercom.

Vin: So thick is good or thin is good?
Mr Clean Hands: Thin is good.

Vin: Why?
Mr Clean Hands: Thick very hard to penetrate.

Vin to Cik Datang yang kepoh: He say thick hard to penetrate woh...
Cik Datang: Huh? Penetrate? Wall ah? Why go through thick wall? Got door to use...



Victim No.4:
The Everyone loves to hate A.E. aka Mr Skimmer

Vin: Thick good or thin good?
Mr Skimmer: Thick good lah!

Vin & Cik Datang: o_O W-H-Y?
Mr Skimmer: Cause thin is bad. Walking on thin line...

Vin to Cik Datang: Same gang woh?
Cik Datang: I don't want to be same gang with him.

HAHAHA... that's how much we love to hate him. Mr Skimmer Dude.


So I went on and asked a few more people and when Mr Cool came back, I gave him my report.

Vin: Aiyoh... no specific wan lah... it's just good times and bad times mah.
Mr Cool: Oh... one is good and one is bad ah? I thought it's more like one is like normal bad and the other is worst.

Vin: W-H-A-T??!!!

What's ですよ。

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Cubbie said...

HAHAHAHA I laughed lots. HAHAHAH!!


I like thin! I dun wan be fat :P i mean.. thick.