Friday, March 28, 2008

Another Birthday Wish!

Dearest Godbrother,

Happy Birthday! A complimentary blog promo comes with this birthday greeting. *ahem* If you are a gamer like him, adores WoW like him, overly-educated like him *blinks* is there such a thing as overly-educated? Maturely childish like him...

Then visit Where Substance Meets Style

*cough cough* What a name and I call my blog Hiyashi's Beeping Hub. So shallow. Cis cis. Totally got pawned. BUT. It's not about me today and ya, I'm late like usual. Less than two hours more to go before your big day ends, sooo... once again, Eppi Eppi Birthday!

Lots of Love and Best Wishes from,

Edited at 10.35pm: And Yup, I stole those candles from this cake. *snickers*

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