Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hiyashi is talking about shoes?!?

You rarely get this out of me. In fact, I'm probably surprising some of my closest friends with this post. Hiyashi is talking about shoes? Impossible! That's just too lady of her.


And yes that laugh was meant to be sarcastic. I can be feminine when I choose to be.

*flutter eyelids*

Okay, umm... that's just over-doing it.


But BUT! Aren't they just lovely?

Note: Anyone notice anything weird about the picture above? I think it's pretty obvious since it was badly done. *shameful me*

My colleagues say Hiyashi's a sucker for shoes with big flower or ribbon-ish thing on top of them. Boy were they wrong because...

There are flowers under the shoes as well. HAHAHA.
Pretty from top to bottom.

Excuse me for the dirty sole cause I wore them before I took the photos.
*paiseh paiseh* Paiseh stuff must say in small small font size. What is lagi paiseh is the fact that I took this photos more than a month ago. Yup, these were my CNY shoes. You do the simple math. -.-;; And yup, they're old and worn now. BUT...!!! They're still lovely. *hearts*


Cubbie said...

LMAO the first paragraph was funny! :P But if u ask me if they're lovely or not.. i bet u know the answer from me already. HA-ha....

Cubbie said...

And I hope it's not a ballet flat because.. they're abominable!!

hiyashi said...

To Cubbie:
Aren't they lovely? And no I don't know your answer. I refuse to accept any answers except "Yes, they are simply lovely." Hahaha.

Oh. and they are flat but NOT ballet flat, you know those shoes that curled up whereby is straight only if you squeeze your feet into it. >.<

Come on, aren't they lovely? Noooo? *flutter eyelids*


Cubbie said...

HAHHAHA OK OK!!! LOVELY!.. *sss--ss--sshiverrrsss*

猫背 said...
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