Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My First Empty Post


April Fools!

*cough cough*

At least this was my weak attempt of prank. Did it work? Did it? Took off the borders for the picture, though I sure prefer them with borders so I'll probably get them up again by the next post. Screencap the old post to photoshop into this. Hmm... Anyone notice the slightly smaller font size or the un-aligned post?

Most importantly, did you see the hint at the labels area: "If you see this, please scroll down." Please tell me you saw that. I like to believe humans are smart in nature. Kidding kidding. And just in case anyone wondering, the real another birthday post is here.

On the contrary, I missed being fooled by someone, anyone?


Cubbie said...


Cubbie said...

U got me!

hiyashi said...

Did I? But when I checked the post in the office the background colour was a bit off and thus gave it away a bit. And did you notice the Please Scroll Down message at the Labels area? =)

くれくれ厨 said...
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