Saturday, November 17, 2007

I was on hiatus?

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Jweb-style entry desu!
Minus that one insignificant post down there, I've been away for one whole month.

Is this what they call Hiatus?
Ah. Unknowning Hiyashi have gone on hiatus.

Wanted to blog a few days ago but my Internet Explorer keep having errors and closes everytime I click on the "New Post" link.
Argh! Is this punishment for being away? For being lazy?

Hanako-chan and Cubbie says "Firefox! Use firefox!"
Hiyashi says that's running away from a problem.
Hiyashi is not a person that runs away. Hiyashi faces it!

Indeed, there was a bug!
Found it. Get rid of it. Now I'm back!

Get ready for a spamming weekend.
Hahaha... I doubt it.

ps: anyone knows how I can get rid of the border for these emoticons? I have pasted more initially but it just don't look good with the borders around. =(