Saturday, November 17, 2007

LOTTE Shopping

Was enjoying lunch with Cik Anai when she suddenly announced...

"There's a Japan Food Sale around the concourse area.
Wanna check it out later?"

Cik Anai saw that little twinkle in my eye *_^ and so we went. We started out empty handed for a few minutes and in that small little area the crowd gathered. Good money these people are making for these things are so not cheap. YET! There are sooo many people buying them. Us included. *sigh*

Finally I spotted it!

Ah. The things I do for the love of KAT-TUN.

*giggles silly like a fangirl*

Now watch this.

How cute can it be?

(simple translation)
Junno: "Who are you?
Mysterious Man: I'm hyphen!
KAT TUN: Ah! Hyphen! *huggles*

And so KAT-TUN found their hyphen (-).
How does it related to the candy?
*shrugs* It's the rainbow thingy I guess.

And then there's this!

And now watch this.

How cute can it be? Why don't we have such advertisements here in Malaysia? It takes candy buying to a whole new level. Well that and the price too. ^^;;

These advertisements or CMs as they are called in Japan, are available in a series and if I were to buy every single flavours available today, I'll be eating only sweets and chocolate bars for the rest of the month. Gah. These plus 2 small cutely-packed biscuits and 2 yummy dark chocolate bars came to a total of approximately RM35.00 @_@

And boy do they sell packaging. Cik Anai was like... "Wah. Spot UV!", "Wah. Texture paper!", "Wah!"

*snickers* Me? I wanna go crunch on my crunky right now.


Cubbie said...

Sorry, posted the comment on different post. HAHA. Here I go..


pamsong said...

Eh! Can send me the song that's playing on your page ah? I want the mp3 file! Just get my email add from my mom, can?