Monday, August 20, 2007

Let's do Math!

Below is the actual chart that shows the various fare of a KLIA Transit ride. Answer question 1 and 2 accordingly:

Question 1:
Hanako-chan is going to KLIA to meet a friend. If she boards the train from Bandar Tasik Selatan, how much did she pay?

Okay. Got your answer?

Was it RM26.50?

Well, rest assured you would have passed any test paper in school. However, this is the real world we are talking about. Not school. If things are that simple we would have all stayed as kids and never grow up. Money my fellow friends are essential for all working adults.

Hanako-chan paid RM11.50 to get to KLIA.

Hanako boarded the train at Bandar Tasik Selatan, but only to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya for the price of RM5.30. She then exited and bought another ticket to Salak Tinggi which cost her RM3.00, waited for the next train, exited Salak Tinggi bought another ticket to KLIA which cost her RM3.20, went back in, waited all over again for the next train.

RM5.30 + RM3.00 + RM3.20 = RM11.50

Forget about the weird stares you'll get from the counter dude, watching you walk in and out. You my dear friends have save approximately RM15.00.

Question 2:
After a nice wonderful meet-up and a delicious dinner later, Hanako took the train home. How much did Hanako-chan spend that day on transportation?

Okay. I think this time you should probably get it right?


Did you get it right this time?

Now remember this is real life we're talking about here. I have even stated in the question that it's after dinner. Hanako-chan is a decent young lady who is as conscious of her safety as much as her money. Knowing that its late, going in and out as well as waiting for the next train one after another will take up the night, Hanako-chan took the direct train home from KLIA to Bandar Tasik Selatan which cost her RM26.50.

RM11.50 + RM26.50 = RM38.00

Now, my dear friends. I am not entirely sure if what we learnt in school actually applies in real life but Maths and logical thinking are ever the important to help you weigh not only money but the pros and cons of things.

End of lesson. =)

Referance: Price chart taken from Please visit website for more information on promotional fares and other travel card/packages. Yes, I must at least do a free promotion for pinjaming their carta. Ribuan Terima Kasih.

Credits: Hanako-chan for her actual experiences which I still bows in respect of her action. ほんとにすごい !


Cubbie said...

I bow to Hanako-chan too! *bows* I never thought of the other way to KLIA which is so cheap.. but a tad bit mafan hehe. But still it saves a lot!

hiyashi said...

Hahaha... all shall bow to the great Hanako-chan. Now all we have to do is wait for her to read this and come chase after me with sharp pointy and dangerous objects.

Got to start running first! Ja!

peekaboo said...

*bows* to her too.


H@naKo said...

oh nou...⊙_⊙
i tot i mentioned NOT to write it down de?! o -_-)=○OO *bish*

Anyway..I'd actually stopped by 2 stops only...which means 8.30 + 3.00 ...

hiyashi said...

Why your expression so cute de? HAHAHA.. the eyes. Macam Bao. *laughs*

Oh! I got my maths wrong too? You're the sifu after all. See! Everyone is bowing to you. All the way from Singapore *points to Peeka*