Saturday, August 11, 2007

The day I met "The King" pt03

Uwah. I'm too lazy to update but I figure I might as well get it done. *sigh* Three weeks to update a 3-day event. Imagine that!

So... I woke up early on Monday morning, so early it's almost like I'm waking up for work. -.-;;
Godmom gave me a ride to the LRT station on her way to work. Reached the station at 8.15am and got caught with the morning crowd. That's when I actually woke up, woke up!

The sight was just amazing.

*bows to the civilised people of Kuala Lumpur*

I might have been away for way too long for I don't remember seeing such a sight during my wonderful four years of university life there. Or maybe I have been at the other side of town. *shrugs* But it's time like this I feel so damn proud. *tears of joy*

And so I sat there for the whole 30 minutes staring at this amazing sight. One by one they boarded. If the train's full they just wait for the next one. NO CHAOS! Eventually they all boarded and the station was left empty. A new crowd shuffles in and they knew perfectly where the line is. すごい! I swear there's no indicator to tell them where to line-up or maybe I'm just not a regular. ^^;;

Now you might think I'm not exactly normal, sitting there for half an hour staring like that but hey! I'm nice and considerate too just like this people here. My laggage takes up a person's standing space.

One Hiyashi with Laggage = Two ai ki zo kang eh KL lang

So I just sat there and deserving people get their rides before me. 8.45am and the train that came was considerably emptier. Thus, I boarded and continue my journey home. Arrived at Puduraya at 9.15am and bought my bus ticket home.

3 Days 3 Nights. Kuala Lumpur. Wonderful.

Then again, there was the pile of work that awaited me the next day. I guess it's true when they say there's a price for everything. *smiles sheepishly*

The End
"The day I met "The King" Trilogy



H@naKo said...

hey~ u nid to bow to me as well liao..hoho...

hiyashi said...

Oooo.. yawoh! You have turned to one of these civilised KL lang already. No more Taiping gurl. HAHAHA...