Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The day I met "The King" pt01

Two weekends ago (27 - 30 July 2007) I made my first trip to Kuala Lumpur since last year's convocation. The feeling was soooo strange. After a hurried lunch, my parents drop me at the bus "shop". ^^;;

Dad: It's like we're sending you back to MMU.
Me: I look like I'm going back to MMU.

And when I got on the bus and waved goodbye, I felt so sad. Not because of the departure. Come on, it's just a weekend. But I suddenly miss that feeling of coming back home after weeks and months away and then catching the bus back again to Uni. I couldn't believed how sentimental I got on the bus. *blushes*

But all that was just the beginning of a wonderful weekend...

Sleep over!
Hahaha... so cute! Never had we ever held a sleep over when we were students together in Uni but alas now, as working adults! *grins*
A peaceful night with glasses of red wine, packets of nachos and cheezels and of course a good "Chocolat" movie.
Thus, it was no surprise when we went out and bought bars and bars of chocolate the very next day. ^^;;

Sushi with friends is sooooo missed!
A movie was of course necessary.
Harry Potter does the trick in more ways than one.
And it was good food all the way. Yummy!

Then came Sunday.

The day I met "The King"......



peekaboo said...

Come on.. where is pt2? lolx. It's like "hanging my appetite".

hiyashi said...

Ohohoho.. purposely wan. I've been so busy lately and sick sick sick >_< Just got back and ate dinner at 11pm, now I don't even know if I should get ready for bed @_@;; I'll update tomorrow, no promise though. haha..

Cubbie said...

Eh?? Where's the pics you took? :D