Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's in the stars!

My phone credit expired last Saturday. Without credit...

phone = useless

Well, it still tells the time but I have my watch for that.

I rarely make calls except for the sms "I'm on the ferry now." to my dad. Sometimes I add a smiley :) after the message if I'm in a happy mood returning from work. Fortunately the smiley appears very often. Hey, good food awaits me at the other end, who wouldn't be happy? I admit I'm a food-driven person. Anyway, 10 minutes later I'll give him a miss call indicating I'm arriving soon and he can come pick me up. It's a daily routine that I usually get the timing pretty right.

Okay, the point is. This is not the problem when you have expired credit because there's "Call-Me-Back", a service Hotlink@Maxis has, which I'm not too sure about others since I've been coded 012 since I got my very first phone 5 years ago. I won't say Hotlink is the best but I'm a loyal person *bows* or silly? *shrugs* So, I just have my dad call me back instead.

So, what's the problem then? And after 3 paragraphs, there's nothing about stars. Why that title for this post?

I'm long-winded and I'm sorry. Bare with me, I'm getting there.

The other way I spend most of my credit is on my daily horoscope and zodiac readings. Hey, I’m no believer but I fancy the words they use in their very short and amusing messages. This is another daily routine I do every morning, also on the ferry, this time on my way to work instead. It prepares me. It guides me. It gives me hints about the day ahead. Hah, I still insist I’m not a real believer but it’s damn amusing. I personally love the zodiac reading – Rat.

Here’s some examples I keep in my little phone till today. One day I am gonna exceed my phone memory with these stuff.

24/03/07 Rat
Often, great rewards come at an exacting price. Indeed in matters of the heart, one must prove one’s affections and toil to have them reciprocated.

21/03/07 Rat
Obstacles will be like a pebble in the sandal, a minor discomfort easily dealt with today. Indeed it will prove to be a most auspicious day for the Rat.

13/03/07 Rat
Seek out the library and the wisdom of old Rats and there you will find the answer to your conundrum. Ask, Rat and the answer will be presented to you.

Honestly, how cool are these?

This was the very first one that I kept till today. Dated last year.

19/10/06 Rat
Any arrogance will be most unforgivingly punished today. The emperor will seek humbled intelligence, thus clothe your wisdom in a robe of humility.

Clothe wisdom in a robe of humility? Whoever is writing these stuff, can you teach me to write like this?

Thus, 4 days without guidance from the stars, I felt lost. I felt I'm missing an important daily lesson. But all hope is not lost, I've since updated my credit and getting my daily dose of guidance again.

01/04/07 Rat
Few can better you at that which you excel at Rat. Those who come in search of conquering you and your territory will be easily and quickly rebuffed.

Ah, the way of the Rat has been found yet again.

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