Saturday, April 21, 2007

Say No! to Fast Food


Whatever effort the government, the people, the world are doing to discourage kids, youths, humanity from the 'obesitisers' is definitely not working.

Hiyalish Lesson No.1
Obesitiser - a genre of food, particularly fast food. *yummy, tasty food* that encourages obesity.
End of Hiyalish Lesson No.1

I get to decide what's for lunch today! And of course, Italiano!! Well, the closest and more affordable thing to it -> Pizza ♥ *hearts*!

Got a treat from sis for tea time. And when sis is in-charge, it's none other than... McDonalds!

Last but not least. Dinner was on dad! *coughs* Okay, you'll probably know what's for dinner anyway. But... *drums roll* KFC... *sings* that's where I want to be!

Ah... *frowns*

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