Sunday, September 11, 2005

Today is a good day...

Today is a good day because it is a special day for me which I must remember to write it down in the next day or two or else I will regret it. Currently, watching Malaysian Idol. Nothing much to say about the idols but instead have something to say about Jien. lol. He gained some weight. My mom commented on Friday "Jien put on some weight." Now I'm watching the result show and I must say I agree with her but that's not important. Everyone puts on some weight sometimes, -___- I put on some weight. Not some actually. Arghh.. too good life at home. *I know that's not something to complain about* >.< Watching Jien, I remember the conversation I had with my aunt while I was staying over at her place.

Aunt: Eh, that guy quite good looking. *points to Jien*
Me: That's Jien. He's around 30 or 31 already I think. *I'm not sure the exact age*
Aunt: *jokes* Wah, don't look that age also. Go and pikat him lah.
Me: -_________-;;;;
Aunt: *continues to make fun of me* Next year go join Malaysian Idol lah, then can get to know him.
Me: -____________-;;;;

Joining Malaysian Idol for all the wrong reasons. Besides, if I were told to list down my abilities, singing would be the last one. Bah... for now, the only participation Malaysian Idol will get from me will be as a voter and with that I shall continue watch Jien on TV.


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jacey said...

Hey~ Jien reali reali reali a leng chai le~ heee...If u joining M'sian Idol, support u I will! Idol is not a matter of voice, it's a matter of supporters de.. Smart Ed got plenty of ur supporters liao~ so u join liao, intro jien to me will do...wahhahahahaah

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