Wednesday, September 07, 2005

15 mins medicine

I'm feeling 50% better already. Okay, sounds far fetch. It's like was I really sad just now? I was! Then I got cured by visiting tomodachi's bloggies. Added some to my tomodachi list without informing them yet. =.= *off to tell them later* Special note to Sim, I put you as Sim and it just seems odd. So I changed it to Timun. lol, as if Timun is more normal than Sim. Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog.. umm.. not that I don't like the others but yours is always comical, not to mention there were some umm.. "illustration" as well. Great medicine for the sad illness.

I notice my blog is so BLACK! urgh, and I'm suppose to be a semi-somewhat design student. My lecturer will kill me if they see my blog but then again they won't be seeing my blog will they. Not in a very cheerful spirit to make it all red, orange and yellow and the moment.

Till then, dark and gloomy it shall be.


Anonymous said...
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hiyashi said...

I deleted the comment because it was some spam ad. >.< How can this stuff get here?