Friday, September 09, 2005

*sings* I love to go.. a-wondering...

Revamp! Actually it is just a change of template which involved the lost of every single minor html changes I did. There goes by Tomodachi list for now. It'll be back!

My dear friend Ching² just started her blog and she mention about me. *beams happily* However, it is in friendster and one need to sign in before leaving a comment. I did sign in but for some unknown reason I can't leave a comment. So I'm leaving my comments here instead. "Ching², Miss you too! And by the way, use blogger!" There! I'm a proud blogger/blogspot user.

I went a-wondering to Zisian's bloggie and realized as I change my blog to a brighter colour, she went and change hers to black. -__-a

My mom walk pass just now and here's what happened.

mom: Isn't that Ching², she made her own website?
me: Umm.. actually it's a blog.
mom: A blog?

me: *eager to get back at her for complaining I spent too little time reading newspapers* If you read In-Tech or Computimes, you would know what is a blog.
mom: *completely ignore my sarcasism* So what is a blog?

me: -___- *give up* It's something like a diary or a journal?
mom: *got all sike up* Isn't this things suppose to be personal? How can you put it on the web for everyone to see?
me: That's the point of putting it up on the web. It's intended for everyone to see. *fine.. that's not a good explanation but what the hell*

mom: But only your friends can see it right? Others can't right? They would need your code or something to read it.
me: Code? Mom... think we should stop this topic of conversation.

This kind of situation always comes up once in a while and I have to spend quite a long time to explain to my mom about how the internet works, how instant massaging works and so own. I don't mind explaining it actually but it kind of gets annoying after 15 minutes of explaining and it turns out my mom don't really get what I am saying. -__-;;

Anyway, to finish up the conversation I had with my mom.

mom: Huh? No meh? Then everyone can read what you write?
me: Yah and sometimes there are people who write such interesting stuff that his or her blog become so famous and everyone in the world read it.
mom: *remained quiet to digest that fact*

End of conversation.


pitty said...

Jovin, ur mum so cute le. Really, sometimes it will take my life to explain computer matter to my family. Ha ah, but sometimes our conversation is so funny as well, ha ah. Have a nice day n take care ya, yeahhh. Oh ya, wan follow us back melaka on 11 october ma ? We went back for industrial training presentation, hoho.

hiyashi said...

Hehe.. thanks for commenting. You know how I feel. Regarding the Melaka trip, I might follow if there is a place for me to stay. Will it be too much to ask if I ask if there is two extra space to sleep rather than one? I got a friend who might want to follow but if got no place to sleep one than she won't be going. lol.

jacey said...

Hey~ why dun u tell her in a fairy tale way? such as:
U: have u heard before of the fairy tale of the sleeping beauty and the ugly froggy?
Ur Mom:Nope..wat's that?
U: Sort of a love story between this princess tat love a frog very much, but since her parents disagree this relationship, this princess decide to commit suidcide by sleeping for her whole life..
Ur mom: Then, wat about the frog and the princess?
U: Died quietly without getting the princess's love lor..but the princess being rescued by a handsome prince and fell in love with him
Ur mom: so..wat's the morale?
U: The princess cant recall the love of the pity frog..know why?
Ur mom: why?
U: bcos he din own a blog to write down all the memories!