Saturday, August 20, 2005

"You pass with flying colours!"

My mom just brought in 'longan'.

me: Jan, peel for me please. *longan too far away, sis was in the middle*
sis: blah...
dad: Nah.. *hands out a longan to me*
me: *beeps* THANK YOU.

Gosh, I love my dad. ^_^ Okay, let's continue.

me: *munch munch*
dad: *stretch his hands out again with another ready peeled longan*
me: weee~!!!

I REALLY LOVE MY DAD! Let's continue again.

me: *peel the third and forth ones myself* Okay, I don't want anymore.
everyone: *continues eating*

after 10 mins

sis: mii! *hands mom a longan*
mom: *takes it*
sis: then jie jie no more loh.
mom: *realized* then give her lah.
me: I don't want if I have to peel it.
mom: then Jan, peel for your sister lah.

Wah! I love my mom, too!

sis: *grumbles and peel it off for me* Nah..

In the end, I love them all and they love me just the same. Ya right, you might say: "It's just longans" but it is such small unnotice actions that show how someone feels about you deep down inside, even they might not realized it. *winks* What do you know, everyone pass with flying colours.

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