Saturday, August 20, 2005

I'm a bird in a cage

Aku burung di dalam sangkar,
hidup terkurung hatiku susah,
ingin aku terbang bebas,
kawan-kawan tinggi di awan.

These were a lyrics to a song my sister learnt back in primary school. o.O;;
It's weird to teach a 9 year old such a song. Imagine a kid comes home and sing the song to their mom, or in this case to her sister. My dad good heartedly suggested the school might want to teach children not to lock birds up in cages, that the message of the song is "Birds are meant to be free." Uhh... whatever you say dad.

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jaceY said...

yo! kodomo...y u din sing that song for me 2 listen before de? If u ever sing that song to me, I'll surely pull u to underground de...hahahaha...