Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I can see clearly now the HAZE is gone

*sings* I can see clearly now, the rain is gone .. or in this case the haze is gone. Well, not entirely but at least it's clear enough to see the big but not so blue sky. It's sad to see such things happen especially for me, the semi-environmentalist. Open burning not only pollutes the air but it also goes against my motto "Save the trees!" T__T

Since I only un-officially start blogging today, I like to mention something that happened last week in Kuala Lumpur. Oh how I wish I was there to watch it, FROZEN RAIN! It was raining ice last week. What's the world is turning into? And it's not really apporpriate for me to wish for it to happen again for me to watch since it is actually a bad thing to happen. *sigh* Anyway, here's a photo I got from my aunt that was taken by I not sure who. Hopefully this won't cause any copyright issue. If it does please just let me know and I'll take it down. Don't sue me. =.=

Frozen rain dropping from the sky, must be painful *ouch*

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