Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stuck Again?!?

Here's a new introduction to Hiyashibeeps... 


The Blog that's Stuck in Time.

Honestly, I thought I'll end up skipping the entire month of May but fret not! 
I am here to save myself and my dear blog. 

Now to catch up with life. Let's see. 

Office Moving Day happened. 

And yes, I blogged about packing, I blogged about more packing and then stop! Hahaha. So what happened? We moved and OMG! has been working in the new office for... more than a month now?! Wow! We just passed our one month anniversary on Wednesday. 

So how does the new office freaking looking like anyway?

Sadly, I don't have the interest to do a lengthy post on that now that the excitement has died down but here's a little peek. I'm not that heartless to leave people hanging just like that. 

Yeah right.

Behold! This is the view from my 'window'. 

Why yes, I see a bushy little hill across me every day. Well at least for most of the time, whenever the little hill is sitting tall enough or is not away to somewhere else. Ironically since little bushy hill might not always be there. Mr IdunTalkMuch dengan senyap-senyapnya offered another view of nature for all to share.

A little ball of green that calls itself 'Marimo'.
Apparently, it actually grows which in my opinion is just a tad freaky. 
God knows what it's up to at night while we are away. *shivers*

Well, that's about it for the new office. As for the L.E.P.A.K series, I have a feeling I'm in denial that the series is coming to an end and am delaying my posting on purpose. At least that's what I suspect. I also have a feeling that the next time I will be seeing you here is in June. Hahaha. 

Then again, I'm 'full' of surprises. =P

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