Friday, April 20, 2012


We're just one day away from MOVING DAY!

Unlike last week, we're no longer sitting in a store room. 
Today it seems we're sitting among 'well' labelled boxes. Yes! Studio is now known as Area No.5. Now Mr IdunTalkMuch may not necessarily express himself with words a lot but he's sporting enough to participate in his own 'expressive' way.

This goes out to Tinki who personally requested to keep her updated on the progress. 
While others are moving, she looks like she's migrating. o.O;;

And this goes out to Ms 'Loon' June who left her 'crap' behind 
while she enjoy-enjoy in Australia.

Here's another box of Mr Skimmer Dude's shit (his own words)
He's delusional enough to think anyone would ever want to steal it.

Introducing Ms Beauty.
(It's not about vanity, she's just a very very crazy Beast fan. FYI, Beast is a korean 
idol group and their fans are vain enough to call themselves Beauty. =P)

The peeps at Area 1 posing one for the camera.

Look at what was found. Little Tinki! *snickers*

A proud mama!

And finally we arrived at Area No.6.

Here's Ms Bee posing for the camera. 
I can just hear Mr Skimmer Dude complaining, "Why girls ask to pose for the camera 
only will automatically do the VVVVVV sign?!" Hahaha.

And we're back at Area No.5. There you have it, 5 Sekawan Minus 1
Ironically, the missing one's paper was stuck in a different direction from the rest. Hehehe.

Here's one more with me wanting to be in the picture yet 
not waiting to be in the picture. Women. Fickle minded creatures we are. 

 Alright. That's about it.

Bye yo!

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