Saturday, April 14, 2012

Go, Going, GONE!

Remember Lights, Camera, Reflector from last week?

Take a look at the background and everything around Mr IdunTalkMuch 
and PSP-san. Noticed how fun-filled the entire place is with Astro Boy standing tall against 
a whole bunch of other 'ornaments'? Or what I call 'ting-ting-tang-tang'.

Noticed how we build paper forts around us?

Well, they're all gone now. :(

All that's left is a cup of teh-ping on the shelf and 
a packet of Tinki's only edible food from her desk.

This was last Tuesday before we went off on our one-day public holiday
in conjunction with our Agong's installation which also happened to be the day 
the tremors of the earthquake in Acheh was felt in Penang.

Empty magnet board with no 'ting-ting-tang-tang' whatsoever. 

A tad sad looking don't you think?
So cold, without any personal warmth.

Well, if you think that's sad...

We came back on Thursday to THIS.


It's Gone!

Our hanging cabinets are gone!

Too bad we only remembered to take some photos after we cleaned up and settled down in our now very empty looking studio. When we came in the morning, our room looked... well, like it was indeed struck by an earthquake. o.O;; Drawers on the floor. Boxes tucked under the tables. With dust, dust and more dust everywhere!

With boxes stacked up in a corner behind us (you can't see them in this picture) 
and lines of leftover dried glue sticking on the walls, we pretty much look like 
we're working inside a storeroom at the moment.



The good news is that it's only for a week!

Because all this little 'sacrifice' is for our new office.

Yup. Next time, you'll be seeing a not-very-different (because let's face it, 
we're pretty much moving ourselves from here to there, so you'll be seeing the same stuff in a different manner only. hehe.) office backdrop for any future work-related posts. 

 In other words,

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