Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The one Video Contest that You and I have a Better Chance of Winning than Mr Spielberg himself

Remember how I won myself some (seven) session of Free Antioxidant Hot Bed Therapy at Ecoparadise (which I have yet to use *sigh*) by doing what I love… BLOG! Well, the kool people at Koolred are having a contest once again. Although this time it’s not one of my many fortes but it’s definitely something some of you guys love to do. I personally know a handful of people who seem to live, eat and sleep camera. *eyeing PSP-san and Mr IdunTalkMuch* Okay, okay, it’s not exactly photography but it’s one of the many functions in the camera anyway.


It’s a natural thing that we do when we travel aside from taking thousands of photos. There are just some things that a still photo can never capture, like the smiles and waves from the locals or the silly shrieks of excitement whenever we land at a foreign place. Come to think of it, I have a bunch of those in my folders. Maybe I should dig them out and join the contest myself. Hmm…

After all, the prizes are FREE HOTEL STAYS!

It’s like you take one holiday to earn yourself another.
How awesome is that?

If you have yet to discover this little growing community, well, I say it's a pretty kool 'place' to 'hang out' since there's members from all over the world who share their travel experiences well, all over the world.

The Koolred Team is also sneaky enough to keep us members excited by having random big and small contests from time to time. I'm not crazy enough to join every single one of them but that doesn't mean I can't share it with those who I believe will be more interested than me. Hmm… however, all these “Come on, let’s join and win this contest” talk are making me have second thoughts on this matter. I might just join the contest myself. After all I do have my travel videos sitting readily in my folders. Tempting. Very tempting.

Not to mention, I've done the necessary competitor analysis too
and my favourite entry at the moment would have to be this.

I just think it has truly captured the essence of what this contest is about which is to share a video that will make a tourist want to visit that destination. Winning entries are based on two main criteria, one is creativity and the second one is how 'Kool' is the video. Basically there's a 'Kool' button that works very much like the Facebook 'Like' button and the more 'Kool' your video is the better your chance of winning.

Anyway, will I be one of the competitors to beat is besides the point. Check out the contest and prizes here (you gotta hurry though since the contest ends in about a week's time, 17 November 2011 to be exact) or even if you’re not into the contest, check out Koolred’s website. It's a travel website after all, so you can roll around in lots of pretty pictures from all over the world and read up on useful information that can help you plan for your next travel, wherever that may be. ;)

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