Sunday, July 17, 2011

Korea Called Again!

Got a call last Thursday morning which started like this,

"Hello! Ini TNT Korea."

*inner thoughts*
'Ehhhh!!! TNT from Korea. What?! Why are they calling me?'

*getting anxious and excited*
'Ehhhh! Wait. Wait. Wait. He's speaking Malay. Hmm...'

*mind goes into detective mode*
"Wait a minute. Hold it up. I know this!"

*imaginary light bulb appears*

It's TNT Courier!
And so, yes, I knew it has arrived.

1st brand for the day: TNT 'Korea'

Unsealed it to reveal an envelope.

2nd brand name: AirAsia!

And finally, inside!

3rd brand name: Koolred!

Woohoo! Won myself some free Antioxidant Hot Bed Therapy at Ecoparadise, ummm... Kuala Lumpur. *sigh* Giving a Penangite a prize only available in KL? Not Kool. But after some web browsing and enquiring, turns out there's also an outlet in Penang! Now that's Kool! Can't wait to check the place out and umm... fulfil the winner's responsibility. B.L.O.G. =P

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