Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boy Meets Girl (Penang Version) Part I

You see here's the deal.

An Art Director draws.
She can draw and draw and draw cutesy little characters you adore.

A Copywriter writes.
She can write and write and write a story without a sight.

Put them two together and Waalah!
Umm... you finally get them right?


Okay okay. No more rhymes.

But you get the idea. :)

Click to enlarge and I assure you there's a TBC to this. :)

Waydup y'all.


Vaishal Patel said...

You got a pretty awesome blog....btw you should add some gadget that allows your readers to subscribe or follow your blog..:)

Vin aka Hiyashi said...

Thanks Vaishal! I should put some thought into that eh. Duly noted! :)