Sunday, September 26, 2010

4 Sekawan + 1 Missing One

So the studio got a box of new paper samples on Wednesday
and guess what were inside?

Now don't you dare go "Paper samples, duh!"

Of course I know there's paper samples inside. I may be sick the entire week and my brain a bit wonky but I'm pretty sane at this moment when I'm writing this post.

So Yes. Paper Samples.
Paper samples that came in the form of cute masks. And when you have cute masks, it's only right to put them on and be silly, right?


Cik Datang as Cutie Cloud and me, Pretty Pink.

Our silliness in front of the webcam caught the attention of another.
Gadget Boy as Brownie Bear.

But wait! In came... in came... Yikes. I haven't given a name to this guy yet. Umm... meet the new Art Director, Mr IdunTalkMuch? Well, until I find a better name, let's call him that for now. Mr IdunTalkMuch somehow stole Brownie Bear from Gadget Boy, so the latter had to settle with Silly Star instead.

There you have it. Silly Star, Brownie Bear, Cutie Cloud and Pretty Pink.
Memorable shot there of the studio gang, minus one.

Yeah. There's a 'missing one' in this picture. Ms Mysterious which has yet to be revealed here, was not around for the day, so that means... we need a regroup! She could probably be Little Lines. Hmm...

Till then!

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