Monday, August 09, 2010

A Bad Sign Turned Good

Woke up at 6.15am this morning feeling a little warm as the AC had auto shut-off at 5am. I usually sleep through the remaining hour and a half with whatever coolness left in the room. It was hot though this morning so I got up with my eyes closed and went to switch on the fan. Went back to bed for my precious 15 more minutes of sleep.

Sure enough the alarm went off at 6.30am.
Woke up and my first thought was
[Why am I still feeling that hot?]

The fan wasn't on! Second thought
[Wait! Did I not got up to switch the fan on?]

Hey at 6.30am in the morning, you gotta doubt yourself whether you actually dreamt the whole thing up. So I stood up and went back to the switch. Sure enough it was on!

WAIT! Third thought of the morning.
Gosh, too much going on in such an hour!
[WHAT?! No electricity!!!]

Yes that thought came with three exclaimation marks because that means bathing in the dark and OMG! Bathing with cold cold water! *shivers* So I groaned and crashed back onto the bed. Not the way to start a Monday, man! 6.35am and my alarm rang again. This time I lay awake on my bed, mourning over the bad start to the week. *sigh*

Fourth thought of the morning:

A minute passed. My 6.40am deadline ticks.
And then the AC made a noise. The fan answers it.


Fifth thought:
[It's BACK!]

6.40am and the alarm goes off one last time. Finally I got up feeling all smugged.

The first thought of the week as I stepped out of my room?

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