Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Pirated Father

Apparently four days of holiday kind of took a toll on all of us upon returning to work on Wednesday. Everyone's brain gone a little kaput. LOL.

Mr Cool: So, the one that's working as a manager is his original father is it?

Cik Datang: Ya.

*noticed something isn't quite right here*
Me: Eh, so what? The other one is the pirated father?


Cik Datang: HAHAHAHA!

Mr Cool: Then what do you call him then? Real father?

Me: There's a word for it.
*thinks hard*

SEE! Physically present at work but brain not quite 100% there yet.

Mr Cool: What? what?!

Me: Arrgh! What's the word again. *mumbles* genetic... nope...

Cik Datang and Mr Cool continued to laugh and banter over "pirated" and "orginal" fathers. Leaving me on my own in my quest for the 'truth'. Totally not helping. Hmmph! Then finally!

Me: AH! Biological!
*felt like I just won a jackpot there... LOL*

Mr Cool: Oh ya! Biological. That's the word.

Me: Original pulak!
*gives Mr Cool 'the look'*

Everyone: HAHAHAHA...


Anonymous said...

You seem to always be able to get yourself in situations like this...

Vin aka hiyashi said...

To Anony: What are you implying then? *grins* Is that a good thing or a bad thing then?