Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Weird Post

Uwah. So Rare. Like a Gem.
An update from the office.

In fact, this is so random that I have no idea what to say.
That will explain these random sentences that make this post.


Eeek! I think I heard the mosquitoes.
Joking. Impossible.

*more silence*

How lah? I'm rarely this "word-less".
How can? I will lose my job like this.
Oh wait. I'm not working at the moment.
I'm just in the office. (\^O^/)

Why's that? (?_?)
Because the guy behind me is working.
PSP-san. Hurry. (orz)

Oh. But I got chocos.
I invested with the Clean Hands Choco Bank.
Not bad. Within 9 months I earned myself a 100% interest.
One choco invested, one choco gained.
Now I got two chocos.

This is such a weird post.

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