Monday, March 09, 2009

The Procastinator's Post

Procastinating. That be me.
I got a pile of clothes stacking up on the sofa.
All I need to do is arrange them into the closet.

*stares at the sofa*

Why am I proscastinating such a simple task?

*takes another glance*

I think I have clothes down there that hasn't been worn for awhile.
HAHAHA... I think I've been wearing the ones on top.
That's the problem of not hanging them up nicely.


I rather type this meaningless post than do that.

*after 5 seconds of silence*

I think I go do it now.

*switch on the music and proceed to do the "work"*

This post might not be that meaningless after all.
At least it got me up from this chair.
Lazy bum. XD


Edited 10 mins later:
Shhh! I was still sitting here. Yup. Switched on the music and still had my lazy bum glued to the chair and then mom called out from downstairs.

"Jo!!! You got a stack of clothes here and you still
don't want to take them up."


They are here now on the bed instead simply because the sofa is already fulled.



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