Sunday, February 15, 2009

The name's Tan. Ah Tan!

Hah! So the "25 Things About..." tag went spreading all around the world and back to my teenhood friends: one being the Ah Tan I have always known to be, though now more widely known as Duncan. In one of his 25s, he mentioned how people used to call him Ah Tan before our Uni days.

My response? I figure saying "You'll always be Ah Tan to me." just sounds way *cough cough* hahaha... so I opted for a simple ...
"And I still call you Ah Tan."

I believe the message got across nicely as Ah Tan replied
"Jovin: Yes, and I appreciate it."


More than that, the thought of Ah Tan brought back memories of conversation at home. Since Tan is a common Chinese surname, it's no surprise my younger sister also has a friend named Ah Tan. -.-;; and such conversation seem to happen quite often at home back then...

Mum: Eh, so what is Ah Tan doing now? / Eh, last time Ah Tan... /
I thought Ah Tan... *basically you get the idea*

Me and Sis: *stares at mummy dearest* Which Ah Tan?

Mum: *points to a random one* Your Ah Tan.

Me or sis: Ehhhh?? Ah Tan is not mine!

HAHAHA... it's silly but it's always funny everytime that happens. That rarely happens nowadays since both Ah Tans are now far away from home.

Awww... since it's so nostalgic, I really might as well...

"No worries. You'll aways be Ah Tan to me."




Duncan said... sweet Jovin ! hahaha

Honestly, i prefer people calling me ah tan ! wooot

Vin aka hiyashi said...

Hahaha.. you're welcome. Then why did you introduce yourself as Duncan? Wait, let me guess. Probably there was too many Tans in uni. XD

Duncan said...

I told my lecturer my name was Tan. Then she said " any other names i can called you with..." that was where duncan started...

Vin aka hiyashi said...

Hahaha... you should have answered "Oh.. you can call me Ah Tan." *smiles* XD