Saturday, February 21, 2009

Daddy's Big Shoes

It's pretty big, huh?

It's been a week without dad at home. So here, there and everywhere I was filling in for my dad. Mornings were busier with me being the one opening all the doors, warming up the car engine, taking the newspaper in, followed by closing up all the doors again before I leave the house. Also mornings were greeted by darkness. Usually, dad is always up before me, moving about in a brightly lit house.

Mum slacked a little, saying it was not worth cooking for just the two of us and there I was in charged of buying dinner. Dinner was made only when sis returned home from college and mum approved to cook for three. Heh! But sister was another concern as I have to figure out a way to get her to and back from college since dad is daddy dearest is not at home. And me and driving is totally =.=;; a sad case.

Therefore, I'm thankful he's home now and more importantly, that he arrived home safely.

One things for sure,
Dad wears big shoes!

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