Thursday, October 26, 2006

Papa Wong makes another appearance

Is it just me or is my dad just one amusing guy? He makes quite a number of appearance on my blog. Then again, my life is way boring and revolves around such a small circle of people that the most amusing person turns out to be my dad. -.-

I'm writing all these down so that I'll remember them in the future. Maybe I'm a narcasistic? narcassistic? nar.... *Cubbie is probably laughing right now* I find my one year old post interesting. Hahaha... of course I do, it happened to me!

Just the other day I was in the kitchen with my mom when she said something like "I thought your father was...." I can't remember what it was about but my dad answered from the living room "Why I heard my name??"

Me: Since when your name is "your father"?
Dad: That's my name in this house.
Me: I thought your name is Papa Wong.
Dad: *big grin on his face*

Yup, I write "dad", formally said "my father" but I call him "papa" and thus, it's been established that his name at home is Papa Wong since I was very young.

Yesterday was the last day of a long 5 day holiday. Mom, the thinker had made plans throughout the 5 days, mainly plans on what to eat. ^^;; and she suggested to go for Dim-sum for Wednesday breakfast. I loved Dim-sum! Dim-sum be the Chinese sushi or Sushi be the Japanese Dim-sum? Anyway, to eat Dim-sum means to wake up early.

*wakes up at 7.00am in the morning*
*walks out to the living room where my dad is already there watching television*
*sits down on the sofa, still not quite awake*

Dad: *points to me* Hahahaha... sacrifice sleep for food!!


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Cubbie said...

Yer dad's amazingggg.. he sees right through you. HAHAH~! *agrees with him*