Sunday, November 26, 2006

I do not want this to turn into a monthly blog

Therefore, I shall make myself post more this coming month *determines*

Penang has been wet, wet, wet. It's not very amusing to come home soaking wet every day. A little sprinkle on oneself is nice once in a while, if you know how to appreciate it. However, like many things in life, it gets less appreciative and "nice" if you keep getting it day after day. The worst case was probably two thursdays ago. It rained... I know that's no big deal... but it rained and you are not allowed to open your umbrella. -.-;; Not if you don't want to be blown away with it, and get a new umbrella the next day. I was on the ferry with a whole bunch of other equally unfortunate people and this is how the ferry look like...

No.. I'm not lying. We were all there... there in one corner of the ferry, attempting to hide from the rain. Note the word "attempting" cause it didn't actually work, no thanks to the wind. Hmm... it's actually a very nice photo though. =P

It was an experience. It certainly was.

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Cubbie said...

HEHEHE. post somethin afta so long.. and yah its raining everywhere. now rite, in the afternoons it'd be like a hot spell.. then STOOOOORM!